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ABPA: Frequencies at a Distance

abpa.jpg (133415 bytes)The Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer is not exactly a rife machine it's more like a radionics machine, except that the latter traditionally depend on the user's intent, and the ABPA doesn't. It performs various functions, such as transmitting balancing frequencies, transmitting frequencies from an external frequency generator, such as the F165, or allowing you to make idiopathic remedies by transferring energy from a substance into a bottle of liquid.

Jeff Sutherland uses these machines extensively, along with the SG-1 (formerly the SC-1A), a newer device by a different manufacturer (which I don't review here, never having used it). If you're just going to transmit frequencies from an external generator, the SG-1 is smaller and less expensive than the ABPA, though it requires an additional $700 piece of equipment to hold a digital file. The ABPA can also use this but has a couple of options that make it unnecessary in some cases. For maximum effectiveness, according to Sutherland, the ABPA requires an external antenna board and an adapter to connect to a frequency generator, both available as accessories.

I've used the ABPA with Jeff Sutherland's programs and found it effective. However, the manufacturer refuses to communicate with end users. Although he has an email form on his site, he doesn't respond to emails. There's no phone number, and if you try to fax, it rings for so long that your fax machine will give up trying to send. I've confirmed with others that he makes himself unavailable, except perhaps to dealers. So if you buy a used machine, it's advisable to find out who the original dealer was, in case you need service (assuming the dealer will provide it). The unit seems fairly reliable, but I think a case could be made that anyone with as much contempt for customers as this manufacturer doesn't deserve more of them.