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Helpful Sites  Alpha Omega's web site.  Describes a number of successful alternative approaches to cancer.  Information on a variety of holistic health techniques, including cancer  Good information about the failings of the medical and pharmaceutical industries  The Kushi Institute and macrobiotic information  Meg Wolff, a breast cancer survivor, healed herself with macrobiotics. Includes a section with stories by other breast cancer survivors.  Hollie Quinn had breast cancer at 27, declined to go the conventional route, found a holistic clinic in Oregon that does advanced stuff, and a decade later is still cancer-free. The clinic is, though there are good naturopaths and other holistic health professionals all over the country.

Alternative Healing Professionals

Naturopathic doctors. Some naturopaths go to a 4-year naturopathic school, which is more rigorous than obtaining a correspondence degree.

Other holistic doctors and practitioners

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners

Touch for Health practitioners

Integrative doctors:,, and

Frequency and Energy Techniques

NES; also see the U.S. practitioner listing ; more information, and a video (The Living Matrix) that describes the technique.

BioDisks (These are expensive, so it would be preferable to try a session first with someone who has a set before buying them.)

Jeff Sutherland's Frequency Foundation