Suggestions for Patients with Cancer or Other Serious Illnesses


The following points are additional recommendations for those with serious problems. However, depending upon the type of illness and the degree of one's condition, some modifications may be needed.



Flour products and baked goods are to be minimized or totally avoided.



The intake of fats and oils is best minimized, and all nuts and nut butters should be avoided completely.



It is best to minimize or avoid fruits, fruit desserts, and juices. A small volume may be used (if appropriate) when craving sweets.



The use of microwaves or electric cooking is best totally avoided. Color TV is also best avoided.



Proper and specific cooking instruction is essential for all serious illnesses. Contact your local qualified macrobiotic center and arrange for classes in preparing food to suit individual needs.  


In addition to dietary adjustments, some patients who have developed tumors or growths may be helped further by using one of the external treatments as a home remedy (see the Home Remedies page). For serious conditions, medical attention from medical professionals will also be necessary. We encourage everyone to begin the dietary suggestions and attend Kushi Institute educational programs and any additional macrobiotic classes that may be directed to their personal needs.