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Below is an effective meditation technique taught by Sant Rajinder Singh, an internationally known meditation teacher, author of Inner and Outer Peace through Meditation and Empowering Your Soul through Meditation. This technique is taken from his pamphlet "Visions of the New Millennium," a talk given at the United Nations to commemorate the  fiftieth anniversary of its founding.

    Sit in a pose that is most comfortable to you. Close your eyes. Focus your attention in the field of darkness lying in front of you. Do not put any strain or tension on the forehead or eyes. You are not looking in front of you with your outer eyes. Instead, it is your inner eye that sees the darkness.

    Continue looking into the middle of whatever is in front of you with closed eyes. To keep your mind from distracting your gaze by sending thoughts, repeat any name of the Creator with which you feel comfortable [or another name you find meaningful, or a word such as "love," "peace," etc.] Repeat that Name slowly and mentally and not out loud. Continue concentrating on whatever comes in front of you.

    By concentrating in front of you, Light will sprout forth. You may see Light of any color white, gold, blue, red, yellow, orange, purple, etc. You may see an inner vista of sky, stars, moon, and sun, or other inner experience. Keep looking into the middle of whatever you see in front of you. That Light will give you peace.