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  Muscle Testing Their 1500-page BioInitiative Report for 2012 documents "what is known of biological effects that occur at low-intensity EMF exposures" and "the reasons why current public exposure standards for non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation are no longer good enough to protect public health." Now defunct but archived at; see especially the Library page (accessible from the top menu on the archived site). Extensive background information, relevant documents, essays, and talks. Includes Blake Levitt’s “A Clear Call,” a talk by Dr. Henry Lai, and Cindy Sage’s “Studies Showing Bioeffects” list. Excellent bibliography of books on microwave issues. Now defunct but archived at Much useful information on microwaves. Their Research page (accessible from the top menu on the archived site) includes Dr. Henry Lai’s 97-page list of abstracts of 1995–2000 studies on microwaves, other papers and talks. Site of Kirk Wines, longtime city attorney for Medina, Wash. Extensive information on cell tower issues—see especially the “Industry Myths” page. Bimonthly publication with objective reporting on the microwave industry

Radio Wave Packet, Cellular Phone Taskforce